About Mark A. Dulaney
"The Spokesman for Health and Longevity!"


I want to start with a question for your consideration!

How often do you see a commercial or promotion for a health, fitness or weight loss product or service, where the commercial or promotion makes some of the most amazing claims about how you will:

  • Lose weight and lose it instantly?
  • Lose inches so you look like a model?
  • Have the fat literally melt off your body?
  • Gain the energy of a teenager?
  • Do all the above, yet still be able to eat everything you want?
  • Do all the above and still be able to eat as much as you want?
  • Solve your digestive system’s problems?
  • Reduce inflammation and body aches and pains?
  • Have the man or woman of your dreams be totally attracted to you, even chase you and beg you to marry them?

The best part is, if it is a diet program or miraculous supplement, you can do all the above without ever having to exercise!

Here is my second question for you,

“Have you ever thought to yourself, if they really believed that, why don’t they let me use the product or service and I will pay them as I get the results they promised?”


Well, so have I!

That is why that is my business model!

In fact, I am so confident in my system for helping YOU become “Healthier, Fitter and More Powerful,” that 90% of what I collect from clients comes as a direct result of them getting the results they told me they wanted.

What that means for you is:

  • If you want to lose weight, you pay per pound after you drop the pounds!
  • If you want a smaller midsection, you pay per inch after the inches disappear!
  • If you want to be able to run, swim or bike you pay as you are able to run, bike or swim!
  • If you want to run, swim or bike further than you can now, you pay as you add distance to your present capabilities!
  • If you want to be stronger, you pay as you get stronger!

You tell me the results you want and
if I can't help you move towards accomplishing them,
you never have to pay me for them!

The best part is you are the sole measurer and judge of your results.

So as you learn more about me, I ask you to think about:

  1. How you want to reduce the size of your body in pounds and inches?
  2. How do you want to improve the appearance of your body?
  3. What physical capabilities you want to develop (jogging, biking, swimming, push-ups, chin-ups, walking up flights of stairs without being totally winded) that you can't do now?
  4. How you want to improve the health of your body (more energy, less pain, fewer prescription drugs, improved A1C, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.)?
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Want to learn more about me and how I help the people I serve,
then keep reading!

Here is my foundational principle!

Health + Influence + Power = Your Life

What if I told you that your life today is the result of three simple factors?
What if I also told you that the life you want can be obtained through mastering these three factors?

Those three factors are:

  1. Your HEALTH which is the simplest and yet the most neglected status of them all
  2. Your ability to INFLUENCE others, situations and most importantly, yourself
  3. Your ability to manifest the POWER to choose, do and say what creates the results that create the life you want to live

Thus, my primary purpose is to help you create a Healthier and Fitter physical body. 

This will help you have more Influence and become a More Powerful person in every area of your life!

Those three factors (health, influence and power) will improve your career, business, income, finances, marriage, ability to parent and get the most value out of every personal, romantic and professional relationship you will ever have.

This is how I help amazing people create amazing lives!

I create this website for you if you are 37-53 years old with an Expanding Mind, a Growing Income and perhaps you even have a loving, trusting and sex-filled romantic relationship with someone you absolutely adore or you want to create that relationship! 
But at the same time you have noticed that your body is getting Heavier, Weaker, Softer, Less Energetic, Less Attractive and Unhealthier every month; making it harder and harder to keep doing what you are doing at the same level!

Hello my name is Mark Dulaney and I have a history of helping people like you enhance their bodies so it helps them succeed at higher level in all areas of life.

That is why I have taken on the role as
"The Spokesman For Health & Longevity!"

My primary purpose is to get you to care as much about, work on and invest in your body and its health the way you care about, work on and invest in your marriage, carer, family, hobbies and your wealth.

Everyone understands what it is to be a financial millionaire and there are many professions that want to help you become one.  Well, I am the first and only one who wants to help you become a Health Millionaire.

Just as being a financial millionaire is the ultimate goal at retirement, being a Health Millionaire should also be an important goal at retirement.  

After all, what good is wealth without the health to enjoy it?

By becoming a Health Millionaire you will add “Years to your life” and “Quality of Life to Your Added Years!”

Of course, adding “Years to Your Life” means you will live longer.  But, just as important (and maybe more), adding “Quality of Life to Your Added Years” means you will have maximum enjoyment of the success you create and with your loved ones for a longer period of time.




Never underestimate the negative impact on your spouse, children, success and finances of poor health, your untimely death and (what could be even worse) your becoming disabled and unable to care for yourself.

This is something I am experiencing with my dad and seeing its impact on my mom and feeling it's impact on me today.

Here is how this topic is or will impact you:
  1. Without HEALTH, everything else in life is made difficult if not impossible
  2. Without LONGEVITY, success cannot be enjoyed for as long as it should have been
  3. Without HEALTH & LONGEVITY, two really bad things happen to you:
    1. You become a burden to those you love
    2. Your life is full of pain, limitations and inconvenience


To understand why this is true, consider the impact your mental and physical health has had and will have on your ability to:

  • Create professional success and financial wealth
  • Confidently go after everything you want & deserve
  • Influence those you lead & parent
  • Create & maintain the right relationships
  • Live long enough to meet your grandchildren and have the health to have an active relationship with them


I will NEVER claim I can instantly transform your body into perfection!

I will ALWAYS claim I can help you CREATE and MAINTAIN the best body YOUR GENETICS will allow, if you do your part.

Please Remember This:

Just as improper financial management will leave you broke, improper health management will leave you dead!


Here’s why:

  • Nothing will diminish your joy and make you less able to succeed romantically and financially than poor health
  • If you were broke and alone, great health will help you find love and make money
  • If you are unhealthy, you are more likely to struggle with and die from diseases then when you are healthy


Through the content I provide on diet and exercise, I will help you improve all elements that contribute to your health and longevity.  But how I will really help you is by getting you to become mentally & emotionally capable of doing what you already know you should do and stop doing what you already know you should stop doing.

From there the rest is easy!!!


Pay For Results, Not Time Or Expertise

Being 61, I have seen a lot of fitness coaches and other in this industry charge for their time and expertise.  This is great for them, but I am pretty sure when you pay, you are paying for results. 

When I am in your position, I don’t want to pay for their time or expertise!  I only care about the results they help me create. 

I bet you feel the same way!!!

That is why my pricing for 1-on-1 clients is primarily based on the results I help you obtain over the time we work together.  This makes me as invested in your results as you are.  This makes me as inspired to deliver those results as I was when I asked to you work with me.

For this reason, you are not my client.  Instead, we are partners in your health, longevity, fitness and attractiveness.  We work together to transform your body into the machine it was meant to be.

Want to get a sense for what you and I can create together, schedule an introductory call by clicking here

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